I Didn't Feel Like Working Out Today...

Imagine this scenario - one you have probably been through too many times: It's a busy day. You got swamped with yet another meeting/kid appointment/schedule change. You haven't been feeling great all week. "Maybe I should just skip my workout," you say to yourself.

While that is definitely an option (yes a trainer is telling you it's ok to not workout everyday), before you do take a moment and read this post from Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition ( on how he recently handled this same moment:

"I didn't feel like working out at all last night.
I’ve been battling an upper respiratory infection and traveling a lot, and I hadn’t done a formal workout in about a week.
But instead of skipping the gym entirely, I put on my gym clothes, put on some lipstick, and headed to the gym.
The caveat?
I told myself I could leave whenever I want, regardless of how much or how little I'd done, because, at the very least, I would have taken the first step back into my habit of going to the gym.
No guilt. No shame. No judge-y "shoulds."
Practices like this one are what have allowed me to be consistent in going to the gym over the last 14+ years.
It’s NEVER perfect, yet ALWAYS good enough. Which, from my perspective, is actually great.
Once I sat in the parking lot playing on Instagram for awhile, I almost left without even walking in (which I have totally done before would have been 100% fine) but instead...
I asked myself what I was dreading, and I realized it was doing a warm-up. So I designed a super simple workout I felt I could do safely without a warm-up (SCORE!) and gave myself a free pass to stop whenever I wanted.
That eliminated the resistance I was feeling and led to an awesome 25-minute workout, and I felt amazing."
In the end...
Perfectionism is rarely the path to perfect. It's usually the biggest obstacle to the progress you want to make.

So if you are one of those people who thinks that your workout must be a certain way or perfect every time in order for it to count, I would with the utmost love and respect, suggest that perhaps it does not. Remember, your best workout completed (regardless of what it is) is almost always better than the one never performed. (Danny and Joe give you a motivating high-five!!!)

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