Small-Group Personal Training 

Small-Group Personal Training (SGPT) is where our most successful members shine. This is the opportunity to learn new skills and movements under the guidance of an expert coach with up to 4 other members . We take the information gathered from your Starting Point session to customize your experience and ensure your success. Extra attention is given to strength training, a main pillar of our successful fitness plan. Whether you are a first-time exerciser or a seasoned athlete, SGPT allows you to progress at your specific pace. This is where the magic happens!

GetFit Team Training Classes

Our Get Fit Classes are known for being high-energy, extremely motivating, and super fun! These classes are our version of a cardio workout and we use all kinds of movement patterns and equipment. Everything from kettlebells, TRX, sleds, dumbbells, sandbags, Airdyne bikes, rowers, medicine balls, and more are fit into these interval-style workouts. Classes are filled with high-fives, smiles, and good energy! We always finish with a group huddle and our Teammates are in and out the door in about 50 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for your free Starting Point session by visiting our Get Started page. You'll have the opportunity to learn all about Park Fitness and discover what fitness path will work best for you.

How long are your contracts?

 We aim to provide a sustainable and lasting approach to your health and fitness routine. Success doesn't happen overnight and our most successful members realize that consistency over the long-run leads to lasting change. Most Park Fitness members use a 12-month agreement but month-to-month options are available.

Do you offer discounts?

We don't offer any discounts. We treat all of our members fairly so to provide discounts to some and not others would not be in line with our core values. 

Have more questions?

Feel free to call us at 410-432-2113 or email us at